Dr. Peyray Discusses Dental Implants With Residents at The Heritage Retirement Community

My New Smile owner Dr. Peyray visited The Heritage Retirement Community in Brentwood, TN on Tuesday to speak with residents about oral health and the effect it may have on the body. He spoke with residents for nearly an hour as he delivered a presentation and answered questions related to dental implants.
“A lot of people think this is our target audience, but really anyone who has missing or failing teeth can benefit from dental implants,” Raissi said.
He explained in his presentation that dental implants are small titanium screws that mimic the nature of natural teeth. They can be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth.
“We’ve placed dental implants for patients as young as 21 [years old] and as old as 95. You’re never too old or too young to want to eat again or be confident in your smile,” he said.
Raissi’s presentation covered how the health of a person’s teeth can directly affect a person on an emotional level, physical level, and on a medical level. He then proposed a solution to these issues by discussing dental implants and modern technology like 3D printers and digital software that allow the process to be completed faster and more accurately than ever.
The residents were able to ask questions and receive professional opinions and recommendations from Raissi during the visit.
“I usually mentor other dentists, so it’s a good change of pace for me to get in front of people and answer questions,” Raissi said. “So many people turn to Google to have their questions answered, but there are always so many variables and specific questions that are tough to get answered through a broad internet search. I always encourage people to at least give my office a call or come in for a consultation to ask questions.”
Dr. Peyray is one of the only dentists in Middle Tennessee who specializes in full arch and full mouth dental implants, which serve as a top-of-the-line alternative to traditional dentures. He owns My New Smile Dental and his own in-house dental laboratory (Peyray 3D Studio) in Nashville.
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