Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology
At My New Smile Dental, we use state-of-the-art dental technology to increase your comfort while also enhancing our ability to deliver outstanding treatment. Below are some examples of the technology that we utilize.
advanced dental technology
In-House Dental Lab
Our in-office lab allows us to control the entire process of placing and restoring implants. We can create our own prosthetics right here without having to send them out…

Why Choose My New Smile Dental?

Control Over The Product

Everything from start to finish is done in our location.

We Can Provide Better Pricing

Because all we do is implants, we are very efficient and have the best technology. We can pass on the savings to you.

We Cut Out Any Middle Man

Our in-house lab can make your teeth on the same day!

3D Diagnostic X-Ray Technology
This technology surpasses the traditional two-dimensional technology, such as digital X-rays and standard film, in many ways. The benefits of cone beam 3D technology include:
With cone beam 3D imaging, we can be more precise in diagnosing dental problems, including conditions that are more difficult to diagnose with traditional X-rays. Cone beam 3D diagnostic imaging also helps our dentists predictably and successfully place dental implants.
3D Printing Technology
Using a combination of a sophisticated Intraoral scanner and 3D Printer, we are able to make exceptionally accurate digital impressions that can be utilized to manufacture denture prosthetics on the same day!
We can create your new denture prosthetics on the Same Day!
We are now utilizing high-tech face-mapping software that more accurately measures and specializes in implant prosthodontics.
For a precise planning security, a comprehensive patient consultation and better communication between patient and dentist.
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