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Process for Implant Retained Fixed Bridges
Once you and Dr. PeyRay have decided that a fixed implant-retained bridge is your best option, we will ensure that all of your questions have been answered and financial arrangements will be made. After that, the next step is gathering all of the digital images and information we need to start working on your new smile!
Preparation: Visit 1
Intraoral digital images/scans will be taken and used during the design process for your temporary prosthesis by allowing our lab to see how your mouth will look once the teeth are removed.
Extraoral digital scans will be taken of your mouth and face in numerous positions. This also assists in the design by showing features like your profile and lip movement so the temporary bridge will be as aesthetically pleasing and proportionate with your face as possible.
Regular photos will also be taken of your mouth, teeth, and face at various angles. These will be kept for our records and will also be the “before” images used in comparison to the images we will take once your journey is complete and you have your final new teeth.
All necessary consent forms will be reviewed and signed, along with a copy of the warranty for your implants and bridges; sedation medications will be dispensed.
Surgery: Visit 2

Surgery Can Generally Be Scheduled Within 3-4 Weeks From Visit 1, Pending Schedule Availability

All procedures to remove remaining teeth, place implants and affix your new temporary set of teeth to the implants will be completed, and yes, your new teeth will be screwed in, not removable, when you leave this appointment!
Total appointment time can vary widely per patient. We generally estimate between 4-6 hours from start to finish; the majority of this will be a non-surgical time while your temps are being made. These surgeries always start at 6:45 am.
Post-op Visit: Visit 3

One Week After Visit 2

You will return one week after the surgery to check the surgical sites, healing status, and temporary prosthesis.
After this appointment, you will be able to return to the office for any issues or concerns that may arise, but no regular visits will be necessary for approximately 4-5 months. This is the time we allow for your bone and implants to heal from the surgery and prepare for the final prosthesis.


Approximately 4-5 Months From The Surgery Date
Evaluate healing and confirm you are ready for the last phases of your treatment. At this visit, you will provide feedback on your likes and dislikes related to the temps you have been wearing. We will also most likely take a new digital scan to fabricate a new temporary prosthesis that will more closely resemble and function like the permanent one.
You will return 2-4 weeks after these scans are taken to have the new temporary attached.
You will wear the new temporary for several weeks to confirm you are pleased with the changes made.
The fit, function, and aesthetics of the new temporary will guide us in what steps need to be taken for the fabrication of the final prosthesis.
The lab will then begin fabricating your permanent bridge and will generally have it ready to be delivered to you within 3-4 weeks from that point.
Complete Final Delivery
Once the final bridge has been attached, it will be temporarily sealed to assure everything is 100% good to go! You will return to the office shortly after to have the access holes permanently sealed. Each of these visits is typically less than 30 minutes.
Take “after” images to show off that new amazing smile and see how far you’ve come since the “before” images were taken!
One Year Maintenance
Return yearly after final delivery for examination and any needed maintenance to assure longevity of your investment.
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